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See if you are approved for a 500 loan in Alaska. It may be cold in AK but if you need money sent to your account we may be able to match you with one of our direct lenders for a $500 loan. Anywhere in Alaska including Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, and all over the state.

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Money Saving Tips in Alaska

Use Free Checking Accounts

There are many banks that now offer free checking accounts. In some cases, you may have to opt for an online statement delivery rather than a paper statement in the mail, but for most people that is not a problem. There is no reason to pay bank fees for something as simple as a checking account. If your bank does not offer free checking, ask them anyway. If they do not, and will not, offer this to you, look for a bank that will.

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Rotate Shoes

Shoes are not cheap. A good way to keep your shoes healthy and in shape for a longer life is to rotate them. Wear a pair one day, then wear another pair the next day. This reduces the amount of wear and tear any one pair of shoes has to endure. It extends the life of the heel greatly, and it also allows the pair not being worn that day to air out and air dry. Both of which are needed to keep shoes in good shape longer. All of this means you have to buy new shows less often.

AK Area Codes Served: 907

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